Back to School and Back to Work

Fall means back to school for the kids and back to work after summer vacation for adults, too. And while we usually think of the term, “spring cleaning,” fall is an equally preferred season for workplace and office cleaning because many organizational chores and cleaning tasks were put off during the summer months.


Taking time to clean, organize and refresh your work environment will also improve employee morale by making the back-to-work experience a more pleasant one by providing overall improved health and safety; better organization and upkeep of work environment; and an increase in staff productivity.


As well, the new season is a perfect time to review office supply stocks, kitchen and bathroom supplies and re-stocking—as well as a good time to check the performance and functionality of all electrical appliances and office equipment.


Fall is the time when we begin to think about how to reduce the spread of colds, flu and other transmissible illnesses during the colder weather months ahead. A clean and healthy workplace decreases the chances of disease transmission and as a result, reduces employee absence due to illness.


The commercial cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Clean suggest the following ‘Top 4’ checklist to give your business a fresh, clean start for the fall and winter seasons.


1. Clean and organize personal and communal work areas

Because viruses and other transmissible illnesses tend to take hold in the colder months, fall is a good time to thoroughly clean and disinfect personal and communal work areas, including all high-touch surfaces such as cabinet and door handles, keyboards, task chairs and desk surfaces. Before beginning, take time to purge items from your business that are no longer required, and to sort and organize files, stacks of paper and any other clutter that needs to find a home or be discarded. Having an organized work area will also make everyone’s workday less stressful because they will know where everything is when needed.


2. Wash Your Windows

Maintaining clean windows at your commercial facility not only gives your business a better outward appearance, staff morale and productivity is also enhanced when clean windows allow the maximum amount of sunlight in and give a clear view outside. Sunlight is also a good disinfectant! Dirt and grime accumulate on windows during summer months, so depending on the scale of your facility, you may want to hire a commercial cleaning company to provide professional window cleaning services.



3. Clean Your Floors and Carpets

As with your windows, maintaining clean floors and carpets also contributes to upholding a positive and professional image for your business, as well as providing your staff and customers with a clean and healthy environment. For hard floor cleaning, use commercial floor cleaning experts to clean (and refinish when necessary) your facility’s particular flooring to suit your specific requirements and budget.


For your carpets, use professional commercial carpet cleaners to clean and restore your carpets on at least an annual basis. Having your floors and carpets cleaned and restored by professional commercial cleaners will also prolong the life of your carpet and flooring investments, as well as help maintain clean indoor air quality and a fresh, attractive environment.


4. Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company for a Fall Back-to-Work ‘Deep Clean’


There are many benefits to conducting a thorough deep cleaning of your workplace in the fall, and an often overlooked but important one is the psychological boost that comes with starting the ‘new season’ in a fresh, uplifting environment. At any time of year, a deep clean also helps to enhance regular janitorial services throughout the upcoming months.


At ServiceMaster Clean, our team of commercial cleaning specialists will thoroughly clean and refresh your facility for the back-to-school and back-to-work fall season. A comprehensive deep cleaning will also help maintain a high standard of cleanliness into the winter months. Contact ServiceMaster Clean to find out more about all of our professional office cleaning services, as well as our regularly scheduled janitorial services, to keep your workplace clean and healthy year-around, on a schedule and budget that works best for you.